Regenerative Design: Cities of Tomorrow Insight Series
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As part of RSK’s Cities of Tomorrow Insight Series Jerry Tate and Laurence Pinn from Tate+Co recently took part in a round table discussion on regenerative design. The conversation was hosted by Andrew Tempany of RSK and also included Josie Warden Head of Regenerative Design at the RSA and Louis Tricklebank, an independent planning consultant with over 20 years experience in the UK and the international development aid sector. It was a really fascinating talk which in particular focussed on how regenerative design principles can actually be applied in ‘real-world’ design situations, and what this can mean for projects and their potential outcomes. Regenerative design creates projects which are more than simply sustainable; they give back to their wider environment to repair and renew our world and our communities.


You can read a transcript of our talk here Part 1 (link) and Part 2 (link).