UCA: Runner-up Competition Entry
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The competition for UCA’s Business School for the Creative Industries, presented two very exciting opportunities, firstly to re-invigorate the heart of the UCA Epsom campus, and secondly to create a completely new type of academic building. With no true precedents worldwide this begs the question…what should a building housing a Business School for the Creative Industries aspire to be?

Our competition entry takes the best built ideas from business schools, creative businesses and creative co-working spaces and produces a completely new kind of environment. One that fosters both the rigour required for modern business with the freedom for creative innovation. Our idea is a metaphor for these two states, for both convergent and divergent thinking.

The design was created in collaboration with Atelier Ten, Eckersley O’Callaghan, Harris Bugg, FID, Sensory Trust and Sound Space Vision.

To read more on the design, please see here