Delivering new homes on a suburban site
Project: Croydon Road
Location: London, UK
Client: Elysian Properties
Project Team: Engenuiti, Etude, Transport Planning Associates, AVR London
Timescale: Planning completion in 2024
Size: 600 m²

This proposal will create eight new one and two bedroom apartments as sustainable new homes. The new building will be a brick built double gabled form, echoing the surrounding streetscape. It has been carefully tailored to make the most of this corner site and integrate into the surrounding urban context with a contemporary design.

Building on our previous work with the developers Elysian Properties this scheme will utilize a ‘fabric-first’ approach to sustainability, with a triple glazed super-insulated building envelope and integrated MVHR / ASHP units to create a low-energy heating and ventilation strategy.

We have also taken considerable care to create excellent amenity spaces for the new apartments. All homes will have a private outdoor garden, with good room for landscaping, as well as a communal green space at the rear of the property. This also means that the proposal will be a considerable improvement on the dilapidated existing house at the site.