An Eco-Lodge in a sensitive lakeside setting
Project: Lake House
Location: Surrey, UK
Client: Private
Project Team: Structural Solutions, Haydens, Applied Ecology, Wildstone, Thames Building Control, Cobalt Green
Timescale: Completed - March 2018
Size: 48 m²

This scheme provides a new timber framed lake house nestled below a willow tree at the end of the garden of a family home. The primary timber structure is derived from a simple pitched roof shed or barn structure creating a flexible internal space. This is then clad in natural cedar allowing the building to blend gracefully into its setting, while crisp, clean detailing ensures that the simple form of the design remains clear. The entire southern façade is one large window, opening up views to the lake and breaking down the visual barriers to the natural world. Internally, a pared back palette gives priority to the overall form of the building and the exposed timber roof trusses.


At just under 50m², the lake house features a living/entertaining area, with a small kitchenette and WC located at the opposite end. A decked platform wraps around the south and west of the building, stepping down to form a physical connection with the lake.